• $85.00
  • Players: 2 – 5 
  • Ages: 8 + 
 Cargo Noir is a game of illicit trading in which players run "families" who traffic in smuggled goods around the world. The successful smuggler will learn to dispatch his cargo ships to the safest or richest ports - accurately judge which contraband is the hottest - and outmaneuver his competitors with an ample supply of gold - pouncing when the time is right to take the cargo he wants.Cargo Noir is a rich and immersive atmosphere, filled with evocative illustrations of the dark and seedy smuggling world of the 1950's.You're the lead character in a classic film noir. Cargo Noir is quickly learned, but offers many routes to victory - and is the rare trading game that works equally well with 2 players or more. Cargo Noir contains - Game boards of Macao and 8 different ports - 131 Cargo tokens, 54 Victory cards - 5 "Family" game sheets - 25 sculpted Cargo ships - 60 gold coins - a Cargo Noir token bag - First Turn and Player markers and rules booklet.