• $74.00
  • Players: 2 – 4 
  • Ages: 10 + 
  • Playing Time: 20+ mins
Enter the thrilling adventures of Corto Maltese, the hero from the fertile imagination of Hugo Pratt. Choose your adventures and then live through them as the game unfolds. Aided by Corto and resisting Rasputin's attempts to thwart your plans, recruit your own bands of adventurers and get your hands on the gold at the end of the story. Corto is a card game of high adventure, mixing tactics and luck with exciting tales. In each game, you choose the quests you want to play - each brings its own set of character and exotic locales. Attack the train full of Russian gold, research the four aces of whale bones, or meet the leopard men. Games are diverse, rich in action and of course, full of treasure! CONTENTS 2 figurines - 6 storyline boards - 6 decks of 20 of cards - 4 sets of 13 markers - 4 "seals" - 1 quest tile - 2 handbooks (rules and adventures).