• $40.00


  • Players: 2 - 6
  • Ages: 10 +
  • Playing Time: 25 - 35 mins


Crave is a new strategic deck building card game, featuring modern hipster vampires and vampire hunters. You'll battle your opponent and use your influence to bring new characters, spells, actions, and items to your side. Each game is unique based upon what you see available to acquire, in addition to the varying paths your opponent may take.

Crave is a fast playing, competitive game for 2 players per set, playable for up to 6 players at a time. You represent either Vampires or Vampire Hunters, and can acquire new characters exclusive to your side, as well as other factions available to either party.

Each turn, spend your influence to gain new cards which make your deck more powerful. Equip items to characters, and create special combinations unique to your side, whether you are a vampire or vampire hunter. Use patrols to block your opponent, and poison their deck with wolfsbane and other plants. Win by draining your opponent's health before they do the same to you in your battle to survive.

The 6 factions include:

- Vampire Hunters #strongertogether
- Vampires #lessismore
- Werewolves #moreismore
- Plants #pickyourpoison
- Groupies #pickme
- Enchanted #inyourdreams

Unique attributes include:

- Mutual card purchasing market PLUS personal markets
- Asymmetrical, unique starting hands, exclusive to your side
- Some purchased cards go into your opponent's deck
- New keywords and special abilities


Vampires are bent on destruction, draining the life from others, and are able to trash cards more frequently.

Vampire Hunters have a team-based attack with more healing, dexterity, and benefits in the marketplace.

Their heavy attack grows even stronger as they increase in number.

A support group who want more than anything to be either Vampires or Vampire Hunters. Will even sacrifice themselves to support their side.

Acquire poisons and drop them into your opponent’s deck to weaken them. Poisons affect your opponent directly, as well as affecting their characters in play.

Special characters, items, and spells giving strong, varied, inter-connected abilities to help you. Modern day elves, dwarves, and other creatures will give new capabilities in your quest to win.