• Players: 2 – 4 ·
  • Ages: 8 + ·
  • Playing Time: 45 mins
Enigma One World 4 Puzzles! In Enigma, players are exploring an ancient temple, solving different problems to make their way from room to room. Problem solving is done simultaneously in four different categories - tangrams, block-stacking, canal-building and balance problems - and those who succeed expand the temple with the problem tile they solved, thus adding a new chain of rooms inside the temple or extending an existing chain of rooms. After placing a tile, a player can occupy a room on that tile with one of his three archaeologists as long as no other room of the same colour is already occupied in that chain. When the chain is closed - that is, when the chain has no "loose ends" that can be expanded upon - any archaeologists in that chain's room return to their players and players score 1 point for each archaeologist they receive. The game ends when somebody reaches 15 points and the player who has the most points wins.
  • $62.00