• $80.00
  • Players: 2 - 3
  • Ages: 14+ 
  • Playing Time: 60 - 90 mins 


Mantis Falls is a sometimes-cooperative game of hidden roles, trust-building, strategy and betrayal for 2-3 players.

The game takes place on the film-noir roads of mob-ruled Mantis Falls in the 1940s. As witnesses hunted for their information, players work to survive the night and escape town alive. Players face dangerous events at every turn and respond to them together, but in secret, using hand management, cooperation and deception to protect themselves, and each other, on a dark and dangerous journey. Players must often trust and rely on one another, as cooperation might be the only way to survive. But this trust is fragile, as not all players may be as they seem.

During every turn, players discuss tactics, defend choices and bluff their way through carefully guarded secrets. Witnesses and assassins alike must walk the line between a willingness to help their companion and a readiness to kill, reading each other as much as the dangers of the road.

★ Hidden traitor lovers: A complex hidden traitor game at a uniquely low player count.
★ Small-group: High player interaction with no risk of 'group solitaire'. Great for couples.
★ Card game fans: Suit-based action cards with compelling and diverse combo effects.