• $65.00


  • 6+ years
  • 2-4 players
  • 25 mins playing time

It's race day in Quedlinburg, and with the right combination of food and luck, you will ride your mount to victory and claim the golden cauldron.

Quacks & Co. Quedlinberg Dash! features similar gameplay to The Quacks of Quedlinburg, with each player building their own bag of tokens over the course of play, then drawing those tokens to try to further themselves to victory.

Jump in the saddle of your horse, or your cow, or your sheep? And ride to victory! Using the mechanisms that made Quacks a household name, pull tokens to push your mount further down the road. But pull too many dream tokens and your animal is off to take a nap.

Quacks & Co. Quedlinberg Dash! includes a double-sided game board for a shorter or longer race; orange and purple tokens that provide new powers, such as advancing as many spaces as the number of rubies you have; and double-sided action boards for each type of colored token, allowing you to play with different sets of actions from game to game.
Plenty of replayability with slightly simplified rules and quick play time that everyone can enjoy!