• $35.00
  • Players: 2 - 8
  • Ages: 14+

Celebrate the hit ’90s TV show in this hilarious head-to-head party game that will challenge what you know about the “show about nothing.”

Score points by answering trivia questions, charades-style acting, and guessing who said or did some of the most hilarious bits ever aired on television! You’ll even get a chance to fish for the marble rye like George and Jerry did!

It’s hundreds of Seinfeld-celebrating activities for outrageous fun!

Players will form teams of two and each turn roll the challenge die. There are five types of challenges and one "Newman!" icon. The different challenges will be asked to the current team and if they get them correct they will score some points.

The first team to 70 points or more wins! However if both teams have at least 50 points, one team may skip their regular turn to attempt the Marble Rye dexterity challenge (yes, just like the show!)