• $50.00


  • 4 - 20+ players
  • 12 years +

AS FUN AS ARTICULATE! BUT NOW WITH PHRASES! It's still fast, totally exciting, and absolutely engaging but it's just a little bit different because you are describing a phrase rather than a word or a person!

DESCRIBE A PHRASE WITHOUT ACTUALLY SAYING IT - Two teams compete to be first round the board as team members take it in turn to describe the phrases on the cards to their team mates during one turn of the timer

FAMILY GAME - Ideal for families with smartphone-addicted teenagers! Gather everyone around the table and create great family memories you will all remember time and time again, just like in the old days

FEATURING 1500+ DIFFERENT BRITISH SAYINGS - Try to quickly describe phrases like 'Don't rock the boat', 'Once bitten twice shy', 'Shaken not stirred', or 'Light as a feather' before the timer goes off!

ADULT PARTY GAME - Bring the Articulate! challenge to any kind of party with friends or family and watch their competitive side come out as teams compete to win the crown!