• $130.00


  • Players: 4 - 9
  • Ages: 14+ 
  • Playing Time: 120 mins 

The acclaimed negotiation game has been remastered! Astounding new cover art by Kwanchai Moriya Updated card layout Cardboard turn and bidding trackers Included teaching guide Improved rulebook flow for easy setup and learning - includes more visual examples and clear key terms Updated insert Tauceti Diechmann's thorough design sits at a unique intersection of simple turn order and complex chains of trading. This refined edition re-implements the gameplay that makes Sidereal Confluence a standout: Asymmetrical gameplay - Play as one of 9 unique alien species, each with a unique story and playstyle to match Simultaneous turns - surprisingly little downtime as everyone acts at the same time Complex trades with simple notation - each converter tells you the approximate value of both inputs and products, helping you negotiate fair trades Information is open - all resources and technologies are public knowledge. Almost everything is tradeable - Not just your resources! Planets, ships, technology, future production and more. Deals are binding - even across turns. If you make a promise during a trade, you must deliver. Cooperation is the key to being the top competitor